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Convert PNG to PDF tool free

PNG to PDF is a versatile online tool designed to convert PNG images into PDF documents efficiently. This tool provides users with the flexibility to customize the page margin, orientation, and size, alongside capabilities to rotate images and alter the sequence of images within the document. Whether you're looking to merge all images into a single PDF file or prefer each image in a separate PDF, PNG to PDF accommodates your needs with ease. Suitable for both single and multiple image conversions, this tool ensures your image to PDF conversions are seamless and tailored to your requirements.

How to Use PNG to PDF Tool

Transforming your PNG images into PDF documents is straightforward with PNG to PDF. Just follow these steps:

  1. Begin by clicking the "Choose File" button to upload your PNG image(s). You can also drag and drop the images directly into the tool.
  2. After selecting your images, view them in the "Image Preview" section to confirm their accuracy.
  3. To rearrange the order of your images, click and drag each image within the preview section to your desired sequence.
  4. Rotate any image by clicking on its rotate button, or rotate all selected images simultaneously with the 'Rotate All' option.
  5. Customize your PDF by selecting your preferred page size, margin, and orientation from the available drop-down lists.
  6. For merging all images into a single PDF file, ensure the "Merge all images in one PDF file" option is checked. Conversely, uncheck this option if you prefer each image in a separate PDF file.
  7. With your settings configured, click the "Convert to PDF" button to start the conversion process.
  8. Upon completion, click the "Download" button to save your newly created PDF file(s) to your device.

Features pf PNG to PDF

PNG to PDF stands out for its comprehensive customization options, allowing users to tailor the PDF document to their specific needs. Whether adjusting the page layout or setting the image sequence, this tool offers a personalized conversion experience.

Security of your files

Your security is paramount. PNG to PDF ensures that all uploaded images and converted files are treated with the highest level of confidentiality and are promptly deleted from our servers after processing. This commitment to security, combined with the tool's accessibility and ease of use, makes PNG to PDF an ideal choice for converting PNG images to PDF documents.